Off subject

I don’t know if any other mums feel like this the constant day in day out routine, certain breakfast every day, same drinks every day melt downs if anything changes, he’s happy as long as he has his YouTube, his Xbox or bloody roblox (really hate that game with the annoying music and the constant […]

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Troubles with school….

When he went up to year 1 he still hadnt been since by the Paedtricians, so the phone calls, the meeting with the headteacher was still a regular occurrence his year 1 teacher was amazing and did a brilliant job trying to help, i could not to this day, thank her enough for all her […]

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Starting school

The main journey and fight has happened since he started school, He was 4 in the July and started school in the September he was so excited for his first day at school, proudly showed off his uniform to everyone, on the first day of school he was a little bit nervous but once he […]

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Normal behaviour?

Everyone wants the best for their children, from their health and lifestyle to their education and social life. I can still remember holding him in my arms at a little 5lb5oz, born 3 weeks before his due date it was 47 hours from waters breaking until he was born. As i held him in my […]

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